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Our Services

Borehole Kings

We specialize in ground water surveys, borehole drilling and equipping and we have since grown into a firm providing services in several fields and disciplines and employing/hiring personnel including engineers, scientists and other specialists and engaging professionals with long-standing experience.

Core Services

Borehole drilling

We drill boreholes for all types of clients residential, institutional, corporate and for community development.

Hydro-geological survey

For us to drill we need to start with the exact point of drilling and also determine the depth to be drilled.

Filtration systems

If the water from the borehole needs purification we also install water filtration systems for clients.

Water tanks installation

We offer tank installation of tanks of any size for any kind of client be it raising or erecting a water tank tower for an institution.

Pump installation & borehole servicing

If your borehole has silt, we can drain and service it and also if the clients wants a pump to improve the flow of water we can install one for you.

We are licensed to:-

We are licensed to:-

Operate as a Qualified Civil Engineering – Water Works Contractor by National Construction Authority (NCA)- (Specialists in Borehole Drilling, Equiping and Pump Installation)

Other related services

  • Excavation and earth dams
  • Drainage works i.e. storm drains and foundation works
  • Architectural and structural design of residential and commercial buildings
  • Construction and rehabilitation of access roads, driveways, parking yards both in paving blocks and asphalt works
  • Construction and maintenance of sports and recreational facilities e.g. basketball courts and playgrounds
  • Supply of construction materials
  • Building construction, renovation and maintenance
  • Installation of information and telecommunication equipment
  • Project management of ongoing projects
  • Preparation of tender and contract documents
  • Bridge construction
  • Surveying