noris boreholes

Noris Boreholes

NORIS INTERNATIONAL LTD (Formerly NORTH RIFT SYSTEMS (NORIS) LTD) is at the cutting edge of Construction and Civil Engineering services, delivering world class services that ensure the highest quality of workmanship. As experts, we have 13 years of experience having started our consulting and systems development activities in the year 2000. We specialize in Civil, Water and Environmental Engineering and we have since grown into a firm providing services in several fields and disciplines and employing personnel including qualified Engineers, Scientists and other specialists, engaging professionals with long-standing experience.

After a long stint as a consultancy firm, NORIS was later formally incorporated according to the Companies Act Cap 486 laws of Kenya and has been in full operation.

The directors and key employees have collectively acquired almost 50 years experience in civil, building water and sewerage industry. Due to their vast experience they have build-up a large linkage base nationally. The company therefore has access and capacity to establish suitable joint ventures with other companies in the construction and service rendering  industry and has unlimited support of a number of leading local engineering consultancy firms reinforcing the company’s positioning.